Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am absolutely PISSED OFF

Kids today suck. They think they can have everything in the world and what they say is true regardless. Probably because the media exposure and all that whole money, sex, violence and stupidity on our local television. No kid in KL will be content with simple things like hula hoops or a basketball. For them, fun is something that can be only found on a magic black idiot box called PlayStation 3.

I detested kids when I was a kid. I don’t like them any more now that I am an adult. That being said, you will occasionally come across one that is truly special, but they are few and far between. Most are little more than screaming larvae who have no more manners than a monkey flinging poo. That goes double for their enabling parents. I don’t have kids and I never intend to have them. My parents hated kids too, and I don’t think they ever really wanted to have kids. I was beaten regularly while growing up and I’m perfectly normal now!

I don’t mind older kids, like age 28 and older. But when they are really small is when I want to shove a shank through their little necks. Like the way they feel the need to go “um” whenever they talk, or when they need to show you what’s in their mouths when they eat. When they are 7 and younger they are annoying little pieces of shit!! I also hate when people bring their little turds into restaurants and need to seat them in the adult section, therefore I am not allowed to smoke, drink liquor, or talk too loudly. Yet, these little shits are allowed to run all over the place, scream their little heads off, throw food, bump into people and throw temper tantrums over being denied a hot fudge Sunday. And I really hate it when some little turd sits up and stares at me while leaning on the arm of the adjoining seats and just stares at me while I am trying to eat my meal. So many others think that it’s cute, I think it’s downright rude!! But GOD FORBID anyone should say anything to these “precious little angels”, even in a nice way, and then you become the bad guy. I also hate it when they feel they need to cry and holler every ten seconds over nothing, and the damn parents does shit about it!! Yet the whole entire world seems to revolve around these chubby-cheeked bastards, and they take full advantage of it!! Think about it; the FCC and the MPAA’s only concern is that some crappy 3-year-old is going to hear the word “fuck” uttered 10,000 times, or some 6-year-old is going to see a naked boobie, or a naked torso!! And so many great shows get taken off the air because they’re not considered appropriate for children under age 7, or someone tears up a perfectly good film for not being kid-friendly. I got news for ya, NOT EVERY SINGLE MOVIE HAS TO BE KID-FRIENDLY!!!!! And I hate it when they play cable movies on network stations and then take out all the good parts so some 5-year-old won’t get influenced!! And isn’t the reason why they put cable movies on network so that little kids can see it in the first place??? So many other luxuries are taken away from us big folk for the sake of these little pieces of shit!! We can no longer smoke in public places (not even in bars), we get pulled over for speeding even if it’s a minor offense, we are no longer allowed to hang around restaurants even after we eat and digest our foods and relax because some family with small kids are waiting for that table, we are no longer allowed to sit outside a 7-11 and chill out, bus stops no longer have benches because some toddler was running away from his/her parent and banged into one and got hurt…and what about little kids being allowed to have drinks and food with them when shopping, or being allowed to have outside food and drinks with them in movie theaters, yet we adults get thrown out for doing the same thing??? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t little 2-to-5-year-olds messier with beverages than adults, yet they’re free to bring in their damn juice boxes when going shopping in department stores??? WHERE’S THE JUSTICE?!?!?! And, of course, as much as we love the holiday season, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and even birthdays are for kids!! LITTLE kids!! They get showered with gifts and candy, yet we’re doing all the work AND WE GET SQUAT!!!!! I DESPISE little children are who are nasty and obnoxious, yet the whole entire human race revolves around them!! AHHHHH!!!!!

I am single and I enjoy it. I don’t want to get married, but everyone gets all over me saying “this means you’ll never have kids”. Well, good!

And one day I just happened to be watching “The Preacher’s Wife” for some sick reason it was on TV, I mean aside from Whitney Houston’s singing, it was a real lousy shit movie! And that kid…MY GOD!!! That little crap I wanted to friggin’ choke that little Jeremiah with his nastily voice and the way he kept on talking, and talking, and talking, like he wouldn’t shut up, the little shit! And how he kept going “I miss Hakeeeeemmmm” every ten minutes! I hated this movie, but I was doing some work, so I kept it on, maybe for the sheer joy of hating this little nasle-voiced bastard!!

Whenever I hear anyone say they love little kids I have to think there’s a screw loose someplace, because kids are obnoxious annoying, disgusting little pieces of shit! I’m talking about the under-8 set! They smell like shit, they’re gross, they eat like pigs, and they talk like idiots. And yes you totally hit the nail on the head saying that everything revolves around little kids! Like the other day I discovered that they were taking down my favorite shop at a shopping center near where I live to, get this, MAKE ROOM FOR A FRIGGIN’ BABY GYM/DAY CARE CENTER!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! I have been going to this shop for almost twenty years, and now they’re taking it down just to put in some stupid facility for children?!?!?!?! They have too many damn day care centers as it is where I live!! But, after all, THE WORLD DOES REVOLVE AROUND THE ANNOYING LITTLE UNDER-8 SET, RIGHT?!?!?!?!

And listen to this: I was tossed out of a Starbuck’s recently for listening to my headphones while drinking my latte. I was right in the middle of relaxing with my delicious latte, when some chick comes along and says, “Sorry, miss! You can’t listen to that in here!” I was like, “Why?”, and she was like, “Because there are little kids in here!” The song I was listening to was something by Alicia Keys, and it wasn’t even a dirty, or provocative song. But the lady said I had the volume up too long, and that the little kids were getting upset. I refused so I got tossed out and the little bitch even had the balls to take my coffee away from me! Okay…first of all, when did Starbuck’s suddenly become a day care?!?! Starbuck’s used to be a place where ADULTS could get away from CHILDREN!!! Now, every time you go there, there’s always parents there with their little monsters running around and screaming!! Okay, what the heck is there for these little turds to drink anyway?!?!?! So, I guess there really isn’t any escape from these little bastards!!

Everyone says I’m a terrible person for hating kids and that anyone who hates children will rot in hell. I mean…it’s okay to hate the opposite sex, it’s okay to hate politicians, it’s okay to hate businessmen, it’s even okay to hate animals…but if someone hates kids, it’s like the world comes to an end! I don’t see why?! Children between the ages of 1-9 are evil and nasty!! Sure, with their little fat faces, little pink mouths, puppy dog eyes and pigtails they all seem like perfect little cherubs, but in reality, they’re greedy little shits!! I just hate the little pieces of shit!!

Apparently either those dumb parents don’t have any place left to unleash their annoying little devils or big brands like Starbucks bows down to the family type.

This is the very reason why I hate children, because they are too loud and they are always talking and it’s usually about something stupid!