Sunday, April 18, 2010

Obama Reaches Out to Muslims in America

When Barack Obama took the stage in Cairo last June, he promised a new relationship with the Islamic world, Muslims in America wondered only half-jokingly whether the overture included them. After all, Obama had kept his distance during the campaign, never visiting an American mosque and describing the false claim that he was Muslim as a “smear” on his Web site. Nearly a year later, our Dear Leader has yet to set foot in an American mosque. And he still has not met with Muslim and Arab-American leaders.

Being a Muslim himself the Hussein Regime Leader can't help but reach out to his Brothers

Not content to surround himself with American terrorists, he now wants to surround himself with Muslim terrorists or those with connections to them. The following is amazing:

...while America would continue to fight terrorism, he [Obama] said, terrorism would no longer define America’s approach to Muslims.

Why not? Only Muslim terrorists have blown things up and murdered people on American soil. There were no Seventh Day Adventists who took down the twin towers, no Christians, no Quakers.

The invitations were aimed at expanding the government’s relationship with Muslims and Arab-Americans to areas beyond security, said Mr. Hussain, the White House’s special envoy.

Why expand Muslim influence "beyond security"? Where exactly is "beyond security"? To intelligence? To a "civilian defense force"?

Why, unless Obama has a particular affinity for Muslims, is he so preoccupied with making nice with them? Is he doing the same with Israeli or American Jews? How about Southern Christians?

Why this excessive outreach to Arab Muslims and why is he so protective of Muslim terror suspects and intellectuals?
Obama is a closet Muslim and no one will convince me of anything different.
Doesn't anyone else see red flags here?


  1. Odd he wouldn't allow pictures with ISRAEL'S Netanyahu, huh?

  2. Z-man said...

    It's a plausible argument.

    There is NO argument... this post was 100 percent on the money.

  3. I know it's really too much to ask, but I really think Obama should try to reach out to Americans.

  4. Good morning Miss Foot In Mouth. I thought I would bookmark you here and see what this spirited "90" year old has to say next. Some people say you've reached the bottom if Woodsterman follows you.

  5. RK, LOL! Americans? The ones Obama has hated for years?

  6. The leftist media and progressive elite is enthralled by everything Muslim; anti American; and anti Christian. The coverage of the Times Square bomber was enlightening. Bumbling Bloomberg and the sycophantic moonbats were sure they had a right wing tea partier on the hook. When the perp turned out to be a Muslim they fell all over themselves to justify his actions. Woodsterman will identify with this mindset. We both lived through the sixties.