Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why do we let millions of illegal alien’s into America when they are hurting our economy, and our Job market?


How is it possible for Americans to get new jobs when illegal immigrants are taking them? Illegal aliens come to the United States. to take jobs that employers offer these Illegal aliens for wages that are  lower than they would have to pay to hire U.S. workers. Yes, we all know that, But on the other hand, the Democrats say that they are for immigration & the American poor at the same time!  How can they have it both ways?

The only group of people that are gaining net new jobs is the legal/illegal immigrants....
It's called brainwashing or get beat down with how you, (don't care about people, you're not compassionate etc) and the Democrat party does an outstanding job with it on their base of voters

The people have to realize this, but the deadhead liberals won’t ever get it through their thick brainwashed skulls.
How is adding millions more people (lawbreakers, illegal immigrants) with this economy and job market as it stands today going to HELP any of you legal citizens in this country?

And don’t tell me that same old line that Mexicans take jobs that Americans won’t take!!
Does anyone really think that  out of almost 60 million working-age Americans who are not working, and who can’t find work .....that there aren't ANY people who want those jobs....?  If you really think that way, they I have a Bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!   If you really believe that then you're an idiot.  It’s just Obama’s propaganda as well as an old liberal LIE, and the progressive’s daily garbage.  Because Obama just don’t care about us American’s!!! And another great example of Socialism!  You may  think that I'm wearing a tin hat, but think what you may.  The proof is right here before your very eyes.... All you have to do is open those blind eyes and you’‘ll see what the King has in store for us. Look ar who here thinks differently, Only the member of the lunatic fringe  You know it and I know it.  Read the crap that those members of the lunatic fringe, write on those Progressive sites.  It’s pure LUNACY. Trying to reason with those lunatics  who worship Obama, is like talking to the wall. If Obama’s plan is for America to be a third world nation than he’s right on course!  The socialist goal is to create two classes......the ruling elite and the rest of us.....doesn't matter which race you belong to....

By bringing in people that will disrupt our country it helps to enable their policies.. .

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What does Obama Show Us ?

Today, we have a President who not only swapped five Taliban generals, men whom the United Nations regards as war criminals, but likely also paid a yet unreported ransom as well. We have a President who made it clear that he intended to close Guantanamo where jihadist enemies have been detained because he thinks the United States is provoking the Islamic fanatics by maintaining it.
These people have no shame. We have a President who is bringing in hundreds of thousands of Mexican kids into this country to change the demographics of the voter base, so that the Dims can benefit from it. .You can expect that their parents will be fowling shortly, another 90 thousand of unskilled workers.
This will be terrible for the economy. At a time when it's difficult for Americans to find jobs, these dickwads are bringing them in by the busload to take what little we have.  Why are we not calling this Human Trafficking?
It's a sad state of affairs when the U.S. President’s closest adviser (Valarie Jarrett) is an Iranian