Saturday, June 12, 2010

I want to see results, not vulgar language! Not a Ass-Kicking President!

As Americans I am pretty sure we aren't too concerned with who did it at the moment and whether they will get their @ss kicked by the president. I think the main concern here should be why is it taking so long, how are we getting it cleaned up, and what about humanitarian relief for the gulf residents?
Obama cheapens the office when he speaks like this, just like Bush did when he could not get a straight sentence out. At least he didn't need a teleprompter when speaking to students. What kind of leader actually talks like this? "who do we blame? who do we blame? whose butt can i kiss and kick? we didn't do it! it was the Bush's!" When will the people stop blindly accepting the phrase of the second and realize that the there is more to making the country work than just throwing money at a problem. Just make it work for Christ's sake!

I want to see results, not vulgar language! Results are what the people want from "their" President.
He does not know how to be a leader, is an affirmative action President and is way in over his head!
He does not respect the office, the country or it's citizens.
Time for him and his cronies to resign and pay for his own celebrity parties for Michelle.


  1. It's like he's floating "new" ideas in a college sophomore philosophy Bull Session.

    Do you remember those? Everyone sat around pertending to come up with some new "what if" that would make the world a perfect place.

    Frankly, my garbage collector has better fact, he's a pretty nice guy with a good head on his shoulders (and VERY strong arms).

  2. Spoken like you meant it, and I can't disagree with any of it.