Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Obama's Gun Control Bill Defeated.

So Obama’s bill was defeated, and Obama throws hissy-fit like the CHILD PRESIDENT he is.
The Lefties, Progressives, Loonies, Psychos, Obama worshipers, the Liberal Ass Kissers are WRONG!
President Obama was NOT correct when he said the N.R.A. willfully lied when they suggested to weak minded people that there would be a gun registry. It was OBAMA who WILLFULLY LIED!
Background checks will not keep guns out of the hands of out of the hands of murderers, rapists, the mentally ill, and terrorists. These people do not purchase guns from legal establishments, they will NOT under go Background checks no matter what. . The elected elite should have passed the bill because that is what the people wanted not because it will do any good. Adam Lanza killed his mother to get her guns and then killed others, would a Background Check have prevented that? .
This is a big defeat for that lying Obama, and lets hope that this is only a start that will lead to a string of defeating his asinine bills and his socialist agenda.
And besides. ONLY 4% of Americans think Gun Control is the MOST IMPORTANT issue... and the rest think the Economy, or Immigration, or some other issue is the MOST important.
Nice try Obama, but no Cuban cigar!  Maybe now that gun control has failed, he will finally concentrate on  jobs? But I doubt it very much...the administration will probably go back to gay stuff , and give the Mexican illegal’s more attention. Also It's been at least a few weeks at least since the White House has had a Hip Hop party.
Jobs, the economy, and the national debt...have become small potatoes to this administration! And STOP using these grieving parents to promote his gun legislation!

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