Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tom Cotton invites Hillary Clinton to sign Iran letter !

Ha ha ha....I see the smearing of Cotton is already in full swing over at the Progressive’s blog... libs are contemptible losers...
Tom Cotton said Tuesday he'd "welcome" all the presidential candidates to join the 47 Senate Republicans who signed a controversial letter to Iran warning the country's leaders that a lasting nuclear deal would have to be approved by Congress.

And Cotton said he would "even welcome Hillary Clinton," the presumptive Democratic presidential frontrunner, to join the effort.

Cotton said."I suspect she might have reservations about this ill-fated nuclear deal with Iran as well,"
Several potential GOP presidential candidates have already signed onto the letter. Sens. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham are among the 47 Republicans who signed onto Cotton's letter "to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a potential 2016 contender, signed the letter Tuesday, according to his spokeswoman.

And former Texas Gov. Rick Perry would "absolutely" sign it, his spokesman said, adding that "if President Obama signs an agreement that the Congress cannot support, our next president should not be bound by it."

Many of the 47 Republican senators who'd signed the letter defended it on Tuesday. Cruz said he wishes Obama's administration "showed even a fraction of the seriousness and backbone toward Iran that they should manifest in terms of hostility to Congress."

"The Constitution requires that any treaty be submitted to the Senate for ratification," Cruz said. "Unfortunately President Obama has repeatedly defied the law and defied the Constitution. And this Iran deal I believe is a historic mistake. I believe it endangers the national security of this country."

Asked if he regrets signing the letter, Rubio said: "Regret? I would send another one tomorrow."

"The risk of a nuclear Iran is so great that we had to do everything possible to keep us from finding ourselves in a situation where we're going to have a nuclear Iran," Rubio said.