Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why I Am A Real-Life Heartless Bitch.

I take sexism seriously and do not treat it like some cutesy parlor game where the guys make shitty woman-hating comments with smirks on their faces and then act like it's all fun and games.

Rather than cry me a river, I'd prefer you drown in one.

My name ain't honey or sweetheart, and if you're going to verbally assault me, expect to receive an earful of my wrath. Honey.

I'd rather live life alone and happy than together and miserable with some asshole Liberal.

If you're wiggling your ass like a worm on a hook, you're a real Housewife from whereever!

I am my own Queen of the universe. Fuck you if you cannot appreciate it.

Just because I don't have a dick doesn't mean I don't have a brain....

Do not mistake my sympathy for weakness, and BEWARE my indifference.

I don't believe I was put on this earth to make your day brighter, enrich some man's life or for any purpose other than my own. So get over it.

So little time; so many morons to insult.

You are absolutely spineless, yet here you are standing upright. You're either a miracle...or a freak of nature. I vote Both.

I have a mind and a sense of humor and I'm not afraid to use them. So don’t mess with me!

Being a Heartless Bitch is striving to be more than you ever think you could be.

I used to care what you thought of me, then I remembered what I thought of you.

Why does society insist that I repress my spirit? You're just an empty-headed piece of crap and we all know it.
I have no patience for those women who think they are feminists but center their worlds around their husbands/boyfriends/whatever man they can find to fixate on that week.

I doubt half of those women who count their self-worth in blond highlights realize that they can't climb out of a bad relationship on a STAIRMASTER.

I have a mind and a sense of humor and one day I’m going to use them.

I'm a "people person". Generally, I prefer Assholes on Toast with a little Tobasco.

I am arguably selfish in defending my right to independence, freedom and authenticity. If people don't like it, quite frankly - I don't give a damn.

Should I get a puppy, or have a child? Well, I would rather ruin my carpet, than ruin my life.

If you want to make a comment, Say what you mean, then shut up and get off my blog.................

I don't hate men - most of them aren't worth that much energy.


  1. there a reason for all this hostility?

    I mean, I'm bright, articulate, intelligent, a professional and damn good at what I do. But I don't feel a raging need to beat people over the head with that. It just seems like a tremendous effort on your part to be so actively aggressive... why expend so much energy on something so negative?

    Being a Heartless Bitch is striving to be more than you ever think you could be.

    Why? What's so great about being a heartless bitch? What would make it better than, say, being a happily married, educated, professional woman who worked hard to get through school and comfortably into the successful career she always wanted?

    Why does society insist that I repress my spirit?

    Does it?.. I've never felt like society represses my spirit. I don't think society has that kind of power over me, to do something like that. How can I repress who I am anyway? If it's me, it's me regardless.. it can't be pushed down. Why would anyone give something as nebulous as 'society' that much power over them, or even credit society with the ability to do such a thing?

    I'm just asking, cause I really don't understand. So much negative energy directed outward, so much of what looks like generalized hate... it seems like it must be awfully exhausting to be this heartless bitch. Wouldn't it just be more fun to have fun?

  2. Wow, what happened? This is quite a change from the last post!