Thursday, April 18, 2013

Obama needs an attitude adjustment..

Obama needs an attitude adjustment.. I have never seen anyone in a position of leadership who so profoundly sucks at it.  Yes -- he got his ass kicked on this -- no 2 ways about it

We hear complaints about a lack of bipartisanship in Washington DC. Actually, there is plenty of bipartisanship going on. Bipartisanship in Washington means that Democrats and Republicans come together to vote down the Obama agenda, from budget proposals to the latest gun control bill. I guess that this is "politically incorrect" bipartisanship, or the kind that the media never talks about.

Yesterday, Obama came out ripping the Republicans apart, called it a "shameful day". It was a bitter loss, according to pundits. He was reacting to the US Senate failing to pass the latest of the gun control bills.

President Obama's reaction was a pitiful performance or the actions of a man who doesn't get the political reality around him. He is also a man who does not respect those who disagree with him.

President Obama should get over himself and look at some realities:
 ObamaCare is "a train wreck", according to Sen Baucus. Even the roofers union is now calling for its repeal. Senate Democrats are staring at a red-state electorate that will not buy the idea that legislators voted for something that will raise their taxes. Furthermore, why would a Senate Democrat running for reelection sign on to a gun law approved by the editorial board of The NY Times but rejected by people living in the real world?


  1. I don't usually watch BHO speak, but I did when his gun control bill went down in defeat.

    He was pissed off.

    He was flinging mud.

    He was up on his high horse.

    What I saw in that particular speech: arrogance beyond belief. Sure, most politicians are full of themselves, but BHO really does take the prize for arrogance, an arrogance that he isn't hesitant to show.

    I wonder how much he'll be able to further his leftist and one-world agenda. He has pissed off so many factions now.

  2. AOW: Obama was like the spoiled child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Caught doing something wrong, and stopped from doing it, and throws a tantrum.

  3. Darn, I'm the only person who didn't see Obama so ticked off. :-(
    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. And his Dems did it! Hurrah! Maybe this is when the people have spoken; when chicken-hearted Dems don't have the guts to go against their constituents...

  4. Z said..

    "Darn, I'm the only person who didn't see Obama so ticked off. :-"

    Darn Z, were you asleep? :- ?