Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three United States Senate primaries on Tuesday offer new signs of the election-year intentions of America

Time has come to kick out these Typical stupid Liberal/Progressive a-holes.. Every Democrat in office with Obama must be thrown out. And these morons would still be trashing the American voter, the Tea Party, and calling them dyspeptic. Talk about clueless idiots... Obama has shown Americans who were never taught it, the face of evil and communism. We are grateful to him for teaching Americans what decades of pro-liberal indoctrination in the public schools wouldn't do.

time to show these people just how angry we really are!


  1. I agree. We should than Obama and Pelosi for showing America just what unwashed socialism looks like (and what it really costs!)

    The putrid stench of their statism has reached America's nostrils, and we have recoiled in horror.

    Looks like it could be an electoral bloodbath for Dems this November.

    Thanks Obama!

  2. Election days will be fun all over America. Boot the commies out!