Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jobless Rate Drops To 6.7 Percent; With Only 74000 Jobs Added? LOL

A measly 74,000 jobs created and the unemployment rate falls.....?   Who are they kidding?
The "unemployment rate" that they dish out in the media is a total political LIE.....since they don't 'count' certain groups of people who stop working or looking for work....

This is the chart that tells the REAL shows the percentage of the population working has barely moved since Obama took office 5 years ago....

Despite Obama's great speeches he hasn't done a freaken thing except to destroy the middle class even further...they are counting the many new part-time jobs created from former full-time jobs and of course jobs that pay much less than fact about 60% of the new jobs created only pay about $13 or less..

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