Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can a President Who Has Promised to ´Stand with the Muslims´ Protect Americans?

In Obama´s Audacity of Hope, he stated, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in any ugly direction." 
America had a choice on Nov. 6...and in my opinion they made a terrible choice. .  Would Boston still have happened?  Probably so. Would our response to it have be different?  I think so.
The real question is: can a Leftist (= anti-American) president be expected to protect Americans? And will he? The answer is tragically obvious no he can't.

And why did he hustle that Saudi "person of interest" out of the country so fast after the Boston Bombing? 
Obama took an oath to put Americans and their safety and the Constitution first. He has violated that oath too many times to count. Now  the FBI and its ability to protect us from terrorist attacks like the one in Boston is in question.


  1. In terms of ability to protect.

    For perspective, I flew through Heathrow in the 1990's. If anyone left luggage unattended it was whisked up and blown up.

    And in Boston, a couple punks leave unattended backpacks near the finish line and the security people don't pick up on that?

    THAT is pathetic.

  2. we have been infiltrated on every single level....Pray!!