Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rush Was Right

Recently Rush Limbaugh opined that the United States is a dying country.
This nation is repeating the disastrous evolutionary process that has plagued so many failed nations throughout mankind's history. This process begins with a society willing to reject the fundamental concept that is necessary for any nation to thrive and prosper: respect for the uniqueness of each individual and self-determination.


Since 1973 (Abortion on Demand) there has been the open promotion of euthanasia, the abandonment of traditional behavioral guidelines and the active denigration of organized religion together with the successful inculcation of the entitlement mentality. The concurrent belief in an all powerful government has unalterably frayed the ties that bind all Americans and greatly eroded the ability of the society as a whole to successfully weather an overwhelmingly severe financial or societal crisis without looking to the government as the savior. Thus the populace was pre-conditioned, when the right circumstances occurred, to elect a charismatic demagogue and radical as President of the United States.
Through new legislation, government regulations, tax policy, and direct investment, Obama is in the process of creating a fascist economy whereby major corporations, financial institutions and small businesses will be, on a de facto basis, controlled and manipulated by the government. It is immaterial that this will make American businesses overwhelmingly uncompetitive or be unable to expand and thus create wealth and jobs. The economy that has created the highest standard of living in history will thus stagnate and decline drastically altering the nation's ability to defend itself.

Through ObamaCare, which was never about health care per se, the government will eventually control not only access to health care but the behavior of all Americans. There will be, in due course, no right to privacy.

By means of the current push for gun control Obama intends to initiate the first step to registration and eventual confiscation of guns from those the government deems to be unfit to own a firearm.

All autocratic regimes require a scapegoat in order to keep the populace in turmoil while they go about seizing all the levers of power; this regime has done the same utilizing the so-called wealthy, conservatives, evangelical Christians, and a clueless Republican Party as their focus of evil.

In order to ensure that the people will have no recourse but to accept the mandates of the government, the process of implanting their fellow radicals in the judiciary and throughout the bureaucracy has been accelerated.

The Obama cabal is intent on keeping the border unguarded and allowing millions of illegal aliens to become citizens as further assurance of maintaining control of the government. Their unrelenting effort to fight all legislation requiring voter identification confirms this determination.

Rush is right, the United States is a dying country. Until the American people and the only viable political opposition, the Republican Party, begin to understand that reality, there is no hope of recovery. Will the citizenry evict the Obama radicals from government and begin the process of recovery or will the nation eventually fragment into two or three independent nations or will there be in due course a violent societal upheaval?

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